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Coryell EMS & W100K Wound Warriors


Coryell Memorial EMS Team has had the honor, for the third year in a row, to be invited to provide the emergency medical services to former President George Bush’s Wound Warrior W100K mountain bike ride.

The former President hosts this event every year and for the last three years it’s been held at his Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, TX. EMS Director, Jeffery Mincy, who served eight years in the Navy, said the event has special meaning to his team. “About half of my staff are veterans, which makes it even closer to our hearts.  With Fort Hood being our next door neighbor and the many veterans and their families we have living in our community it is an honor for us to be asked to provide emergency services at this event each year,” Mincy said. Coryell Memorial EMS became involved in the Wounded Warrior ride at the request of Bush’s personal physician. “The first year, it was really neat to meet President Bush and the First Lady,” he commented. “But we quickly realized the real honor was meeting the Wounded Warriors. They are incredible heroes. Seeing those who have overcome great adversity and are on the road to recovery makes us reflect on what’s really important.”

Each year, about 20 servicemen and women who have been wounded in the global war on terror join former President Bush for a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride as part of the Bush Institution’s Military Service Initiative. The W100K highlights the bravery and sacrifice of warriors and recognizes organizations that support America’s veterans. 

To find out more about The Bush Center’s Military Initiative: http://www.bushcenter.org/military-service-initiative/w100k