Medical Surgical - Matthew Canty

Matthew Canty had been suffering from back pain for years and by the age of 27 he had already under gone a low back spinal fusion. “I was still having severe back pain and needed a second surgery,” recalls Matthew.  Matthew’s mom, Aselee, flew in from South Carolina to be with her son for this major surgical procedure, “I was really nervous about Matthew having this surgery, but from the minute I arrived at Coryell Memorial the staff went out of their way to relieve my fears. They kept checking on me and updating me throughout the surgery. They even brought me coffee and shared some of their cookies with me.” Matthew’s post-surgical recovery plan required he stay several days in the hospital.  “I didn’t want to leave his side so the nurses found me a pull out bed and set it up for me with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows,” says Aselee, “They really went above and beyond to comfort us and it was all of the thoughtful details that made it a great overall experience.”

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“I know I pushed the pager button over and over again and they would come quickly and cheerfully and willing to help me with anything I needed. After surgery you feel so vulnerable and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that they made my mom and I feel like we were at home”, said Matthew. Before Matthew check out of the hospital he asked his mom to get a thank card from the store so he could let the nurses and staff know how much he and his mom appreciated everything they did for them during their stay at Coryell Memorial Hospital. “I gave the card to the entire staff to thank them for the nice and accommodating care I received”, says Matthew, “I hope I don’t have to come back, but if I do I know the nurses and staff at Coryelll will take good care of me.”