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Join the Coryell Memorial Hospital Nursing Team

Coryell Health values nursing and encourages the development of nurses.  The services offered continue to expand, resulting in opportunities for motivated nurses in a variety of areas. Nursing opportunities include; family practice and specialty clinic settings, long-term care, acute care, extended care, critical care, and home health settings.  A true continuum of care is offered at CMHS, allowing smooth transitions for patients and a variety of career settings for nurses.

CMHS encourages a team approach that supports quality patient care. Nurses are involved in a multidisciplinary team that collaborates on an ongoing basis to allow for patient-centered care. Quality improvement projects and evidence-based practice guide the delivery of care on a daily basis.  Nurse involvement in decision making is vital to our organization.  A shared governance approach is taken to involve staff and foster nursing feedback.

Professional development is encouraged and supported by offering tuition reimbursement and many opportunities to strengthen nursing knowledge and skills, through certification courses and continued education. CMHS has partnered with various nursing programs to provide clinical rotation sites and preceptors to aspiring nursing students.  The belief in mentoring new nurses is strong in all areas of CMHS.

The opportunity to serve a rural community with advanced equipment and technology is unique and rewarding.  Nursing staff are supported and nurtured as they advance their careers and knowledge.   I invite you to become part of the CMHS family.

Heather Rambeau 2

Heather Rambeau, RN, BSN
Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing Mission

CMHS nursing works in collaboration with the patients and a multidisciplinary team to promote wellness on a spiritual, mental, and physical level with an emphasis on patient safety and optimal outcomes.

Core Values:

  • Dignity and respect
  • Mentoring and nurturing
  • Integrity and empowerment

Nursing Leadership

Nurses lead CMHS nursing department.  Nursing leadership analyzes the potential impact of regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures while working closely with staff and other departments to provide a collaborative approach.  Departmental changes are developed through a shared governance committee to allow all stakeholders to have a voice in the decision-making process.

Patient care delivery is built on a team of nurses that range from novice to expert.   The staffing compositions vary from unit to unit and are based on patient acuity in the acute care areas. The main focus of the delivery of care is to focus on the core values: dignity & respect; mentoring & nurturing; integrity & empowerment.  Nurses are encouraged to be patient advocates and heavily involved in all aspects of care.

Continuing Nursing Education

CMHS has partnered with Texas Tech University Health Science Center (health.edu) to provide continuing education hours online.  CEUs are available to all staff and is free of charge. New content is available each year and covers a variety of nursing related topics.  Additional CEUs and educational sessions are offered periodically in various units according to the needs of the population.  Required certification courses are offered at CMHS and off campus.

Tuition Reimbursement

To encourage professional development, CMHS offers up to 80% of tuition reimbursement up to $6,000 per year, to qualified staff. Tuition reimbursement assists employees in obtaining education or training required for their positions and supports advancement.  Reimbursement covers tuition, fees, and books required for certificates or degrees at accredited institutions.

Partnerships with Schools of Nursing

CMHS works in partnership with Central Texas College and McLennan Community College to expand and enhance their nursing programs.  Preceptor opportunities are available to interested nurse, who wish to promote student nursing in the rural healthcare setting.

Quality and Innovations

CMHS is dedicated to improving health information management through the use of an electronic medical record system.  Patient care and workflow are optimized and more efficient with centralized electronic medical records.  This allows information to be readily available to members of the healthcare team while caring for a patient at any level of care within our organization.

Employee Safety

CMHS recognizes the importance of protecting staff from work-related injury.  Needle-less systems are in place throughout the organization and employee safety is frequently analyzed to improve any processes or equipment. CMHS has taken an aggressive approach to eliminating back injuries associated with patient lifting. Specialized equipment is available to use to assist staff in a safe lifting of patients. 

The Employee Safety Program is in place to reward staff for practices that prevent work-related injuries. All employees are assigned to a team and awarded a $50 gift card bi-monthly if there are no work-related injuries that result in lost time.  Concerns about safety are taken seriously, and employees are encouraged to provide feedback on concerns or ideas for improvement. 

Patient Safety

CMHS nurses are on the forefront of patient safety and promote best practice safety interventions.  From the use of rapid response teams, fall prevention practices, and evidence-based guidelines, CMHS is striving to save lives and bring positive outcomes to our patients and our community. 

Spirit of Excellence

An integral part of CMHS philosophy is holding to seven standards of excellence with a desire to create an environment or culture where employees genuinely care about and are supportive of each other. These standards are:

  • Making a positive first impression
  • Treat others as guests
  • Develop “service recovery” skills
  • Communicate effectively
  • Serve others from a team-centered approach
  • Project a positive attitude
  • Be passionate about excellence

On a monthly basis, an employee chosen for best exemplifying these standards is awarded $100. Our patients, visitors, vendors and staff all have the opportunity to nominate that individual CMHS staff member who makes a difference in contributing to the Spirit of Excellence at Coryell Memorial.

Coryell Health
Department of Nursing
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