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Our Mission

Coryell Health is committed to improving and maintaining the health of the citizens residing in the community we serve. Coryell Memorial Hospital strives for excellence in the provision of quality health care services with a sensitivity to the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of the patient and family. We accept our obligation to ensure that the health care needs of these individuals are fully met through even better management of available resources. Furthermore, we accept our obligation to provide such care without regard to the patient's ability to pay for such services.

High standards underlie our programs and services, and we are confident our dedicated physicians, volunteers, and employees effectively communicate our commitment to excellence as they serve our patients each day. The hospital will strive to provide an environment favorable to the personal satisfaction, growth, and effectiveness of its personnel, volunteers, and medical staff.

Coryell Memorial Hospital was formed by, is governed by and will remain an integral part of the community it serves. The Board and Management will remain cognizant of their responsibilities for the provision of quality care and their commitment to the future growth of the hospital and the programs it sponsors through the most effective use of its financial resources.